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About Me

Hi, my name's Julianna Finocchiaro, nice to meet you! I'm a 22 year old illustrator and cartoonist based in New Jersey. I'm currently a senior at Montclair State University about to earn my BFA in Animation/Illustration in Fall of 2021, I'm so excited! 

My art journey started when I was 7 or 8 with my love of creating mini comic books out of notebook paper. Once I got older my passion for art, specifically comics and illustration blossomed. In college I started my own Freelance business that is called Julzdoodlez , where I work on several freelance commissions, and even started my own Etsy and Youtube channel. On my Etsy I sell my prints and stickers of my art, and on my YouTube I show the process of making an illustration from start to finish. Julzdoodlez is my own bussiness built on my passion for creating and always striving for more. 

I hope to inspire others with my art as well as learn and grow with the community of artist's that I've been blessed to be surrounded by. I'm glad you can join me on my journey!! 


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